Sunday, November 29, 2015

"Hello" Ken Jeong x Rob Riddle

     Fox Sports won with this great parody featuring Rob Riddle and Ken Jeong, two of Hollywoods favorite comedic actors.  If you're a fan of any of the teams in the NFC East this year, you clearly have watched some of the worst professional football ever witnessed.  The Giants, Eagles, Cowboys, and Skins have all showed the rest of the world how not to play, but all the while allowing each of them to have "hope" that they can win the division and still selvedge a season to forget about.  What better way than to make light of the ugly situation by parodying the super popular Adele ballad, "Hello".  The lyrics are great and the vocals from Lindsay Harper make this the only thing worth smiling about when it comes to the NFC Least.  Let's see how the season shapes up, but consider this the 2015 highlight for all 4 teams.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Undercover Ronaldo

     We've seen it done before, but it never gets old.  Hide someone super famous in a disguise, let them roam around in public to see the reaction and it's easy entertainment.  Hard to argue that Ronaldo's face isn't one of the most recognizable on the planet, given the popularity of futbol, him being on one of the globes most popular teams, and the Hollywood looks.  Here's a great spot with him in a Madrid plaza, borderline looking homeless.  He has a small dog with him, asks some girl for her phone number (which I'm sure she regrets blowing by him now), and engages strangers while he shows off tricks with the ball.  Ending is pretty neat as well and the reactions..

Saturday, May 23, 2015

"White Iverson" x Post Malone

     Allen Iverson is one of the most dynamic athletes of all time.  I had the pleasure to watch him live for many years and put on performances for the ages.  As he seems to have been back in the public eye the past few years, his persona continues to be as big as it was during his playing days in the early part of the millennium. Fast forward to 2015 and we're coming across music where genres are crossed more than ever or maybe it's just that stereotypes of who can perform what genre is out the window.  In this case, a 19 year old Post Malone sings an ode to his and my favorite athlete, Iverson. In the likes of Spooky Black, PartyNextDoor, The Weeknd, singing, rapping, R&B, the sound is familiar but different.  This video goes hand in hand with the song to showcase the reason why The Answer is one of the best ever.  Familiar highlights of AI crossing Jordan over along with many body contorting layups and shots.  It also gives interest into what Post Malone's music will amount to.

Monday, February 23, 2015

"Heartless" x Kanye West - 808's & Heartbreak

     Early on the Throwback Thursday or your Flashback Friday...but as we cleared the Valentines Day season, no better time to view and listen to "Heartless".  Mr. West's biggest single from his emotional diary of "808's & Heartbreak" album that almost created it's own genre.  The artistic cartoon effect that resembles the 80's, Stay On Me, but the current method was called Optiflavor, which used real life movement and was converted to animation.  More importantly, the video was directed by Hip Hop's Video Moses, Hype Williams, in 2008.  Hype actually paid tribute to Ralph Bashki, as the same animation was used for the video as was Ralph's movie from 1981.   That animation used live action footage and then animators drew over top of the video.  This became one of Kanye's most popular singles and paved a way for a genre that really didn't have a lane previously.  Him and NO I.D were the producers.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Asics Gel Lyte III "Exploration"

     The Asics Gel Lyte III runner seems to be as popular as it ever was when it was originally released in the early 90's.  New color ways and collabs are showing up every weekend, especially in 2015 as they will be celebrating the GLIII's 25th Anniversary.  Here's a general release from last summer in a patriotic, red, white, and light blue blend of suede and mesh.  The insole has a radar, map, type of design, hence I'm guessing the "Exploration" nickname. 3M hits at the back and along the stripes on the sides.  The white midsole has grey speckling as well.

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Friday, January 2, 2015

Nike Free 4.0 Flyknit

     Nike combined two of their most popular running designs in 2014 when they released the Free 4.0 Flyknit running sneaker.  Nike's one advancement in running footwear includes their Free based soles.  It's meant to provide a very natural and flexible ride based on your foots natural movement.  In the 4.0 version, the hexagonal flex grooves offer a very low to the ground and natural ride.
The very popular Flyknit technology provides numerous benefits in using a one piece polyester yarn upper.  It provides ultralight support and flexibility which really gives a fantastic, customized fit.  It also allows for some great, unique color combinations as Nike continues to roll out numerous colors into the new year.  This one was a must have in the black, volt, and bright crimson color way.
     Definitely try a pair on next time you're in the mall, see if you like the sock-like feel, great for the gym or everyday wear.

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Sunday, October 26, 2014

GRAYCLIFF by Frank Lloyd Wright

      Fourth of July weekend on Lake Erie and taking in some good ole Americana.  Nothing says USA better than taking a tour of a home created by one our country's most profound architects, Frank Lloyd Wright.  Just south of Buffalo, New York, the summer home of the Martins sits on the edge of the cliffs overlooking Lake Erie and was built between 1926-31.  Isabelle and Darwin Martin were rich Industrialists who commissioned Wright to build their vacation home after he built their main dwelling in Buffalo.
     There are  many highlights of Wright's effects on his work that make this building a very compelling work of art.  One being his appreciation of the natural surroundings and using actual materials of the area to build his work.  In this case, he used the shale stone that the cliffs were made of and used them throughout the home.  He also knew that over time, the natural combination of the rain and the elements in the stone would discolor the stone in different colors and add to the organic feel of his designs.
     Other features of the home are having a garden at one of the end of the home where the runoff from rain showers were angled so that it would empty in the garden and keep it watered.  Another Wright touch would be the open ribbon like windows on both sides of the home.  It gives the illusion that you can see through the home and enjoy the views of the lake and Canada across the way.  My favorite aspect of Greycliff is the running fountain that is designed in the front of the home and main walk way.  Two smaller walls line a water way that empties out into a bigger, natural, pool, so that it gives the illusion the lake is running through the home.
     There are many other features of the GreyCliff estate that are fantastic, like the garage, tennis court, and the sheep that were there to chew the grass, basically a natural lawn mower.
     I think it's amazing how Wrights designs still look so modern, especially given when they were conceived, and the amount of detail he put into every aspect of what he was creating.  Even down to the furniture and materials used, he didn't leave any form or function unthought of.  Completely recommend seeing this or any of his works when given the chance.
     Big thank you to the Hambergers for being fantastic hosts and guides!