Sunday, April 8, 2018


     Nova Nation is alive and strong in 2017, as the confidence from the 2016 Championship hasn't worn off.  Along with their great play, they're overall look, including their throwbacks this season, have been at the top of the NCAA for a while now.  One may wonder where can they get the sneakers, warm ups, jerseys of their favorite teams, but sometimes you just can't.  Believe me, I've tried.  (Release the throwbacks!)
     I've always admired the relationships that teams have with the manufacturers of their equipment. From the obvious functionality side and making sure each athlete has the right gear so they can perform their best, but also from the fashion side as well.  I'm a true believer that if you look good, you play good and part of that is feeling confident in the colors and scheme that they put on their backs and on their feet.
     This video provides a behind the scenes look at the current National Champion Villanova WildCats Men's Basketball team and their great relationship with Nike.  Villanova's colors, success, and infamously led by GQ Jay, it's no question that the Cat's have to look as good as anybody out there.  Some of their exclusive NikeID's are as nice as they get and leaves one wondering how to get them or when they'll be released, but unfortunately, these are players only!    Enjoy the video, great job by Coiski Media and George Kiel @georgekiel3. Shout out to Villanova's Equipment Manager, Lionel Brodie, who might arguably have one of the best jobs in the country plus he's a local who grew up a fan and is an alumnus, great story!!  Go Cats! #NovaNation

Sunday, April 1, 2018


October 19, 2003 - Meadowlands, New Jersey 
     When it's the end of the winter and spring is around the corner,  you realize it's a long time before legitimate football is back, you start to look in the past.  When your team hasn't been to the playoffs in a few years, you look even farther.  I happen to stumble on this little gem against our bitter rival the Giants.  I was fortunate enough to be at this game live and I sat in the first row on the second level on the near end zone.  I was with the wonderful Ernst family, wearing our Eagles jerseys, that game was probably one of the worst games I've seen ever, as the 10-7 score before the return noted.  Might have almost dozed off a couple times, but then a little bit of Westbrook magic happened.  Brian was known to be very quick and had skills to make players miss.  We sat in the end zone that the Giants were kicking to so we got to see a great angle of Brian taking the punt.  He stopped, started, stopped and then boom...turbo!  Even that last shoulder tap where we thought his momentum would carry him out of bounds made for super high drama, but yes, our beloved Westbrook took it to the house and essentially won us the game on which would have otherwise been an effort in futility.  Of course, the home crowd was absolutely shocked and disgusted, didn't know what else to do except tell us to get the bleep out of there and we caught countless middle fingers.  We didn't care, our smiles and shock on the other side of the victory carried us to the parking lot for more chili and beer.  The one thing we did know was that we just witnessed a historic play and one that we could talk about forever.  So here's a little love for the Birds as we look to move to a new chapter later on this year........................E-A-G-L-E-S

This is great, I wrote everything above about a year ago, March of 2017.  What a difference a year makes, Super Bowl Champs!  I also enjoy how Cris Collingsworth and Troy Aikman are beside themselves that they kicked the ball to Westbrook.  HOF Play by Play announcer Dick Stockton is amazing on the call as well, it's fantastic!

Saturday, June 10, 2017


     Quavo, Takeoff, Offset have been one of the hottest musical acts for most of 2017.  They've been on everything from Calvin Harris singles to Katy Perry to DJ Khaled and Justin Bieber to releasing their own "For The Culture" album.  There's no slowing down in sight, as Quavo continues to carve out his own solo stardom and Migos continues to put out new music and collaborate.
     This video showcases a little of what makes Migos so likeable in that they're just being themselves and truly enjoy being Migos.  While on the The Cruz Show on Power106 in LA, they're asked to read the children's bedtime book, Llama Llama Red Pajama, by Anna Dewdney, over their own Bad & Boujee beat.  The rest is pure genius as they freestyle with the book words and then continue with their own freestyles.  The adlibs throughout are just as good too.  Migos gives Llama Llama Red Pajama a completely new meaning and a true gem.  ♚

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

"ROGUE ONE: A Star Wars Story" Trailer

     You're only reading this if you're a Star Wars fan or half way a fan because you just had kids or nieces, nephews.  Or you keep feeling out of place slowly but surely as the years go by where the geeks are as cool if not cooler than the normal people.  Keep up, we're almost there...with that said, this trailer represents all that is good with economies of scale and free enterprise.  "Rogue One" will represent the first movie outside of the Star Wars timeline that doesn't include the core plot, characters, and mainstream chapter the others do.  This is the result of Disney purchasing the Star Wars brand from George Lucas and continuing the legendary legacy.  This movie's plot is based around a rebel who's mission is to retrieve the Death Star blueprints and get it back to the leaders of the Rebellion so they can figure out how to destroy it.  Basically, this movie is what happens before the first ever Star Wars movie, a "New Hope" where Princess Leia is inserting the info into R2-D2.  It's right at the beginning before Darth Vader boards her ship.  Again, this movie is about how the Rebellion actually gets that information that Leia is giving to R2.  Boom.  Felicity Jones will play the main actress as Forrest Whitaker appears in the movie as well.  Main stream opening is set for December and the holidays.  This is only the beginning as Disney has free reign to expand and capitalize on their 4 Billion dollar investment.  The possibilities are endless when it comes to movies, TV, cartoons, etc.  Who doesn't want more Star Wars? Exactly.

Saturday, May 21, 2016


     Nothing like a good ode fashion joke cracking session, one on one.  TJ Miller, from HBO's Silicon Valley, has it out with the Shock Top bar tap handle.  This video is the extended version of the commercial that was aired on this years Super Bowl.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

"Birthday Song" 2 Chainz X Kanye West

     I've become a big fan of Tity Boi aka 2Chainz after hating on him for quite a while.  His low calibur lyrics and silly analogies took some getting used to.   Like a lot of things in life, if you want something bad enough and put in the work, you can achieve success.  If you've listened to hip hop and R&B in the last five years, you don't go too long without hearing 2Chainz on the track.  Either his own albums or mixtapes, to his countless guest appearances, he was pretty much on everywhere.  Add that to a live show that doesn't disappoint in the least, tons of energy, and a catalog of hits, 2Chainz is as good live and worth the price of admission.  His Instagram @HairweaveKiller is usually entertaining and also shows the family side of Mr. Chainz.  Respect.
     If you actually watch the video, you can find something new to laugh at every time.  Kanye is Kanye and this banger is basically my current mood right now.