Sunday, March 2, 2014

"Number One" Pharrell x Kanye

     Hard to read an article, turn on the television, or look at social media without seeing something about these two superstars, Pharrell and Kanye.  They've both managed to turn their careers into an ongoing creative process where they've kept themselves as relevant as ever within pop culture.  Music, fashion, art, seem to be constantly influenced by both and with two very different attitudes, but with the same results.  I've been listening to some of the earlier work by both, given Pharrell has his second solo album releasing this month and we just passed the ten year anniversary for College Dropout.  Very interesting to see and reflect how far they've come but also just as interesting as to where they'll go next.   This song and video seems very appropriate for both of these icons as everything is Number 1 in their lives, even when it originally was released eight years ago.  Styling in this video was flawless, what else would you expect.  The king of videos, Hype Williams, directs it and gives it his usual signature look.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

"PASS THE BLAME" KAWS x Mary Boone Gallery

     You could say that 2013 was the busiest year ever for KAWS as he continues to become a staple in American pop culture.  On the heals of him designing the set for the MTV Music Video awards, even the MTV Moonman got the KAWS treatment, he also had multiple solo exhibitions open at the same time. After a fantastic month long showing in Philly at PAFA, he had two shows in New York, one at Gallery Perrotin and the other at the Mary Boone Gallery.  The iconic XX and crossbones have been seen everywhere. 
     I took the opportunity to take the trip to see the latter since the main pieces of this exhibition were the 18 foot plus wooden statues of KAWS ever popular Companion characters.  The Mary Boone Gallery was a great setting for the three giant figures as the main room allowed natural light to highlight the characters and their size.  I went on the last day and the place was buzzing with fans of all ages snapping pictures of the fellas.  Thought it was neat to see little kids kind of playing amongst the feet of these characters as you wonder how they will remember these giants and art overall as they grow up. 
     I have to say seeing this in person were very impressive.  The smooth wood and details of the characters were beautiful as the two figures, one consoling the other is called "ALONG THE WAY".  The other individual figure is called "AT THIS TIME" as he hides his eyes from what he's already seen and doesn't want to see again.  There were also some paintings that were part of those show and they were highlighted in the room in the back of the gallery. 
     Enjoy the pics and definitely keep your eyes and ears open in 2014 to see where KAWS and his Companions will be showing up.  I'm sure he will continue his momentum and I completely recommend to see some of his work in person if you have the chance...his mediums and work is a lot of fun to enjoy.

A Boy Amongst Giants

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RZA x Montreality

Montreality has the art of the interview down to a science or even better, mathematics.  Who better to represent those mathematics than the almighty RZA from the Wu-Tang Clan.  It's no secret that he's probably my all time favorite artist, hence my moniker and the love for the W for the past almost twenty years.  This interview gives tremendous insight as to why I'm a fan and a student of the Abbott.  You can also see why and how the brand is as relevant today as it was when it started in the early 90's and has influenced even todays biggest musical stars.  Drake, who is arguably music's most popular artist, has the Wu flag representing all over his latest album.  Goes to show that RZA's values and dedication to his art and product is as genuine as anything else and will last the generations.  Education, hard work, humility, and leadership are all virtues that man should live by and he's proof of that.  Enjoy the interview and remember, Wu-Tang is for the children and is Forever.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Go KD, Go Dasher, Go Breezy...

     It wouldn't be Christmas without the NBA putting on a showcase of it's best players throughout the day as we open gifts and eat more food.  As they did last year, the NBA rolls out their Christmas commercial in promotion of their holiday jerseys as your leagues finest will rock the solid color tee's.
D. Rose, Durantula, Steph Curry, Nash, Harden, and the oop to the King are featured in the promo.
As much as these commercials feel like they'll really just shooting hoops making it sound like a real song, the holidays aren't the holidays without a little make believe...regardless I still get a kick out of it.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Asics Gel-Lyte III "Urban Camo"

     The Gel-Lyte III first caught my eye because my neighbors were cross country runners and always had different kinds of sneaks around other than Nikes or Adidas.  First thing I noticed, and yes, this is when they originally came out in the 90's, was the split-tongue right down the middle.  Not only did it make it look pretty sleek, especially back then, but it also made them super comfortable.  Right away, they became one of my all time favorites.  Fast forward to 2013 and it seems like there's a new boutique collaboration release every weekend for the Gel-Lyte III model.  Every color you can think of and different materials have been showcased from designers such as Ronnie Fieg to Asics themselves coming out with more colorways then they ever have.
     The first pictures of the "Urban Camo" colorway was released very early this year and after hitting  Europe first, finally found it's way stateside only a couple months ago.  The high interest wasn't shocking as the model has sold out every time a link goes up, but a little surprising considering it was a general release.  Asics did pick a winner with grey suede, black color blocking and light blue highlights, as it gives way to the camouflaged insole.  They also throw some bonus alternative color laces as well.  Subtle 3M hits on the front and back of the sneaker as well.  This model has withstood the test of time and is definitely thriving.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I'm Funny How ??

Pretty great parody of a couple of classic movie scenes...been out for a while, but great none the less.
Happy Thanksgiving...

Sunday, September 8, 2013

"Philly Is Ugly" x Nathaniel Dodson

     Having never lived more than an hour away from the City of Brotherly Love, it has obviously given me an affinity for one of the first cities in this country.  The long chronicled history has been told many times and is embedded in the city's culture and personality.  Philadelphia has served as the metropolitan cityscape for the South Jersey, Delaware,  and Eastern Pennsylvania region since inception.  It's easy to get overlooked when you're in between the city that never sleeps and the nation's capital but there is no doubt that Philly has it's personality and can hold it's own amongst the best cities in the world.  Although some outside perceptions of Philly has been the opposite..
     Local Philadelphia photographer Nathaniel Dodson put together a short film, using stop motion photography, to dispel the myth of the city's aesthetics.  The title "Philly is Ugly"  pokes fun at that idea as he gives everyone a really wonderful view of the city we've grown to love.  It also gives you a different view of the things we see every day and take for granted or don't think much of.  A building here, a road there…
     A great original soundtrack, provided by @shelteredturtle, accompanies the visuals as well.  Hopefully you enjoy it as much as I did and feel a little sense of pride for "our" city.  
     You can follow Nathaniel on Twitter @EndyPhoto for more information and behind the scenes footage.

Philly Is Ugly from Nathaniel Dodson on Vimeo.
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